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Marlon Bird is really an awesome teacher that basically became my brother. His passion to motivate and encourage young students is amazing. He makes learning fun and he has the ability to bring out the best in you! I am so grateful that I have this incredible mentor.
Logan Haricombe
I find the tutoring very helpful. When I don’t understand the work, the tutor always reexplains it or shows me an another way of doing it and it helps. I have definitely seen an improvement in my marks since last year and the year before.
Erin Arends
My experience with Marlon Bird was extraordinary as I learnt a lot from him through Mathematics as well as learning from his wise words. His maths lessons have helped me a lot as I went up in my grades and there’s just something about his teaching that you actually capable of remembering everything.
Eli Solomon


Happy Students

Education is not just a right that every child has – it is also the gateway to a world of future possibilities.

I can say nothing but good things about my experience with the brainy bunch tutors. I’ve been getting lessons from 2017 term 2 with Marlon Bird and there was a clear difference within my marks with term 1 and 2 , it was much higher since I started getting lessons. The lessons are perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing , we get work done while still having fun. My favourite part about the brainy bunch tutors is that they can help me with all 3 of my most difficult subjects which is business, accounting and mathematics. That is amazing and my mother is also really satisfied with the service. thank you !!
Ashley Williams
Since joining with Brainy-Bunch Tutors, I can honestly say that it has really helped me alot. I was able to understand so much better than I did in class. I was also really grateful for the freedom I had in asking my Tutor on certain things I was struggling with and the one on one sessions really helped me focus better too. With Brainy-Bunch Tutors I can say that I feel more confident about my Maths.
Zekha Hendricks
My tutor was very helpful and in the 1 hour we had the lesson we accomplished a lot and the notes provided were perfect and on point. My tutor was very interactive, so no awkward silences were present, which made it an optimal learning environment.
Kiraan Narsingh
While dealing with the struggles of high school mathematics, a friend of mine recommended to me the brainy-bunch tutoring. Which in every which way helped me through each struggle of my curriculum.
Nicholas Taylor
At first I thought tutoring was going to suck, but after a while I started to learn more things and it really helped me with subjects I struggled with, and the tutors are very easy to talk to and they make it fun.
Rachel Damonze
The BBT Academy is a great tutoring service. Not only does my tutor make me understand the work much easier but he became my friend and teaches me work ahead of my school so I can be ahead on what I need to do and understand.
Leo Lennards