BBT Academy

We Place Education as a Powerful Tool in Today’s Technology-driven and Fast-paced World.

We Believe in Creating a World Where Everyone Has Access to Knowledge and Learning.

We Want to Provide Opportunities That Everyone Can Gain Through Education.

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BBT Academy is an educational company created to bring affordable education to all students. We provide high-quality education through our tuition, resources, workshops as we help create relationships with our students, aiding them by improving the tools and skills they have through a stimulating community where students are encouraged. This speaks to what we value most, learning.

We aim to help develop study skills and mental discipline for successful revision that can be applied to any subject. Education is not just a right that every child has – it is also the gateway to a world of future possibilities.

The purpose of all tutoring at BBT Academy is to help students (tutees) become more independent learners. Tutors provide individual tutoring to students across a broad range of subjects. Tutors meet with students on a short or long-term basis to clarify and review concepts taught in class, explain processes, and help students solve specific problems. We cater for higher-performing students as well as struggling students.

Tutoring is a “student-centered” activity, and as such, the emphasis and content of the tutoring sessions is determined by the student’s needs. Tutoring is a supplement to teaching, not a replacement for class attendance and participation.

We recognise the benefits of private tuition. Studies indicate that tutoring can help boost a student’s grade by one or two levels at a minimum. We, therefore, take a holistic approach that aims to inspire the culture of learning, helping children to improve their skills in a nurturing environment.

Getting a tutor for extra lessons puts you in charge.

Marlon Bird is really an awesome teacher that basically became my brother. His passion to motivate and encourage young students is amazing. He makes learning fun and he has the ability to bring out the best in you! I am so grateful that I have this incredible mentor.
I find the tutoring very helpful. When I don’t understand the work, the tutor always reexplains it or shows me an another way of doing it and it helps. I have definitely seen an improvement in my marks since last year and the year before.
My experience with Marlon Bird was extraordinary as I learnt a lot from him through Mathematics as well as learning from his wise words. His maths lessons have helped me a lot as I went up in my grades and there’s just something about his teaching that you actually capable of remembering everything.

Our primary objective is to develop, train, and equip the students with the necessary skills, support, and resources, so they can excel academically and be most successful in the careers of their choice.
We understand that every student learns differently.

With this in mind, we have created a variety of engaging revision methods including textbooks, workbooks, videos, notes, questions, and past papers.